# Media / Platform

# Online tool

securityheadersopen in new windowReporting for CSP and other Security Headers!
SSL Labs Server testopen in new windowInspect the configuration of any public SSL web server.
SSL Labs Server clientopen in new windowShows the TLS capabilities and vulnerabilties of your browser.
Regex101open in new windowRegular expression tester
crt.shopen in new windowCertificates Knowledge base
Security Trailsopen in new windowDNS knowledge base
dmarc analyzeropen in new windowcheck DMARC record, test it and verify whether it’s valid or not.
Dns Dumpsteropen in new windowdns recon & research, find & lookup dns records

# Network tool

# Vulnerabilities tracking

F-Secure Labsopen in new window

# Test / Automation

GitHubopen in new windowBiggest code hosting platform (Owned by Microsoft)git_cheat
GitLabopen in new windowCode hosting + entire DevOps lifecycle. (almost as big as github)gitlab-logo-gray-stacked-rgb
LGTMopen in new windowContinuous security analysis. Code best practise and optimization proposal (Pluggable with github)git_cheat
Code Climateopen in new windowAutomated Code Review. Technical Debt calculator + estimator working time (Only pluggable with github)
Reproducible Buildsopen in new windowTest independence of package. Rebuild a given package with a few variations added and compares it with pre-compiled binary (from large distributed repositories).
Codacyopen in new windowThird part CI (GitHub, GitLab, Git, BitBucket, Jira, Slack)

# Social

Gitteropen in new windowComunity conversation for software developpers. (Authentication only Gitlab / Github / twitter()
Signalopen in new windowEnd-to-End messaging app. Used by Edward Snowden
Keybaseopen in new windowEnd-to-End messaging and file sharing

# Fun

Spurious correlationsopen in new windowMisleading and random correlations between unrelated events