Media / Platform

Online tool

Name Description
securityheaders Reporting for CSP and other Security Headers!
SSL Labs Server test Inspect the configuration of any public SSL web server.
SSL Labs Server client Shows the TLS capabilities and vulnerabilties of your browser.
Regex101 Regular expression tester Certificates Knowledge base
Security Trails DNS knowledge base
dmarc analyzer check DMARC record, test it and verify whether it’s valid or not.
Dns Dumpster dns recon & research, find & lookup dns records

Network tool

[Gitoyen - BGP Looking glass] ( [Cogent - BGP Looking glass] (

Vulnerabilities tracking

F-Secure Labs

Test / Automation

Name Description Logo
GitHub Biggest code hosting platform (Owned by Microsoft) GitHub Logo
GitLab Code hosting + entire DevOps lifecycle. (almost as big as github) GitLab Logo
LGTM Continuous security analysis. Code best practise and optimization proposal (Pluggable with github) GitHub Logo
Code Climate Automated Code Review. Technical Debt calculator + estimator working time (Only pluggable with github)
Reproducible Builds Test independence of package. Rebuild a given package with a few variations added and compares it with pre-compiled binary (from large distributed repositories).
Codacy Third part CI (GitHub, GitLab, Git, BitBucket, Jira, Slack)


Name Description Logo
Gitter Comunity conversation for software developpers. (Authentication only Gitlab / Github / twitter()
Signal End-to-End messaging app. Used by Edward Snowden
Keybase End-to-End messaging and file sharing


Name Description
Spurious correlations Misleading and random correlations between unrelated events

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